The state of official Arch repo

I am using a 4.1 Arch Linux template for some time now that I build according to the qubes-builder documentation (okay, some quirky stuff happened and I needed to try multiple times, but hey, it worked eventually).

It was only these days that I understood that there is a arch repo for qubes-related packages at I think this is the key to only have to build an Archlinux template once and be happy for a long time (in the end it is a rolling-release).

It might be a bit easier to fix and update an repo for all the qubes-related tools than to regularly update official arch templates. So while I totally see the reason for not having an official Arch template at this time, I’d be happy to see a well-maintained Arch repo at least and I am willing to do something for this…

So my question is mainly: who is responsible for the qubes Arch repo at this moment? Or it is better to say: who is working on this right now, what would be a good place to discuss potential improvements, help testing packets etc. and what are the current plans regarding this repo and Arch in qubes in general?


The repo forms part of the standard Qubes infrastructure, and is,
generally, updated as new packages are built, as other repositories.
That said, I wonder if the GitLab CI is not working - Arch doesn’t
feature in the GitLab summary, and there are build failures reported
which appear to minor transitory issues.

The best place to discuss improvements/issues would be GitHub.

The main issue at the moment is that the signing key is not available and
the repo is not automatically configured in templates. I raised issue
#6610 for both of these last year - until that issue is resolved the
official repo isn’t particularly useful, which is why I provide one.

You could test packages by enabling the testing repository, to catch them
before they migrate to current.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

Thank you, I think I’ve seen your issues, but I felt like that can’t be all :sweat_smile: okay then, in this case I’ll try to emphasize some need and desire there to get some things done and we’ll see where this leads to :upside_down_face: