The selected boot device failed. Press <Enter> to Continue

Hello everyone, I have succesfully installed Qubes OS on my 128 GB USB stick. But When I want to boot the USB it says:

The selected boot device failed. Press to Continue.

Does anybody know how to solve this? I installed Qubes in the past and it worked fine. I have an HP omen 15.

Hello and welcome to Qubes community. How do you know you successfully installed Qubes? Were you booted into it automatically after installation?

Hello and thank you. After installation there was a button with reboot on it. And not sure anymore but I think I also had to remove the old USB with the installation setup after doïng these things. And then It gave me this screen.

Good (to know). I guess it would help to know if you can boot your SSD OS 9if any), if you have BIOS or UEFI, with or without legacy enabled, did you get any message when started installation, what version of QUbes you were trying to install and what image, and so on… I hope you understand we weren’t there during the installation and this message is simply not enough to help with any issues with any OS. Give us as much details as possible, as well as what is your goal with trying to install Qubes on USB.

In my bios legacy support is enabled. I was trying to install Qubes 4.04. I have tried to install Qubes 4.1.1 but it failed and gave me this screen. My idea was to download an older version so I can upgrade it in Qubes itself. By downloading that older version I got no errors, but it took me more then 24 hours I think. Ihave ran other operation systems via usb on my laptop like Tails and ubuntu, then I did’nt got any problems. An my host system windows also runs fine on my ssd. I have grub installed if that matters.

Here is the file I flashed. I can’t put 3 links in one post

Maybe you could try this