The reverification method does not return the correct hash

I am using this command $ dd if=/dev/sdX bs=1M count=$(stat -c %s /path/to/iso) iflag=count_bytes | sha256sum as specified by the qubes guide to reverify the usb drive but it returns a hash that does not match the sha of the iso. I have tried it 3 times so it cant be a compromised usb.

Make sure that you’ve set the correct device /dev/sdX to e.g. /dev/sdb and ISO path /path/to/iso to e.g. /home/user/Downloads/Qubes-R4.2.0-x86_64.iso


For anyone wondering, OP is referring to this documentation:

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For the record it was actually not a problem with dev and misconfigured paths, it was that i used rufus to write qubes and then dd to check it. Did not know that it would not return a correct hash. Make sure you use dd to write and check.

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