The new Discourse server we are going too

So i am glad that we are doing great on this discord and are moving on to bigger and better things. But if i may ask i see this will now be a “paid” discord, so much much will the cost be and how is the payment/s setup…monthly,yearly?

Thank you for your time

Do you mean discourse ? :joy:

You know, “SPELLING” or ENGLISH was never my strong suit. Point taken!!

about this much Discourse pricing | Discourse - Civilized Discussion






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WOW, $100 a month for standard thats just 1 user!!. Will i just got priced out. Well the journey has been fun.
Thanks for the intel

we’ll be using:

sounds like you’re doing research for your own use-case, definitely shop around.


If you can spin up your own systems, you need not rely on hosted discourse platform. The underlying platform is F/OSS

The code is here
or a Docker image is here

oh i haven’t read this, “we” as user will not pay anything to use forum. it’s just we are moving to new domain and new server.

much better :smirk:


@51lieal That is correct, the Qubes OS project is funding the new Discourse provider given the success of this forum. Users will not be expected to pay to participate in this forum. It was not clear from the posts that was the original intention of the question.

Even though participation in this forum will continue to be free, donations to support the Qubes OS project are gratefully received. These generous donations help ensure the ongoing success of the project.


@B_ryr, as you can see from the replies here, the very notion of asking Qubes users to pay for anything is so far removed from our minds that we had not even considered the possibility that you might be asking what you will have to pay. Of course, you will not be expected to pay anything to continue using this forum. We would never even consider that!


This is great to know everyone and thank you for clearning this up. I was under the impression that we had to pay.