The installation process is very slow, excluding the lack of performance reasons

I’m having some very strange problems with the Qubes OS installation
First of all, the system is very sluggish. My device has a CPU of R7 4800U and an SSD, which should be fast, but it takes several seconds to respond when I click the button during the installation.
Secondly, the installation process was stuck for almost an hour, during which the progress bar did not change, but it did not crash, I could not wait any longer so I terminated the installation.

My installation method is USB boot iso file, there should be no problem …

So where did I go wrong?

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You’re absolutely right: the “progress bar” (it’s not a progress bar, really) does, for some reason, move side to side more and more slowly, then stop. It made me think the process had hung. I gave it another half hour or so, and it completed. (I had to reinstall several times for unrelated reasons, so I got used to this behavior.) I’ve griped about this before but likely not in a place where it might do some good.

A mostly unrelated aside: It’s not really a progress bar since you can’t tell how much progress it has made. In the olden days we called a side-to-size moving gizmo like this a “Cylon” but you have to know the old Battlestar Galactica series to get that reverence.

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Are all processors running? Could be running on 1 only…

What does it look when you check top, ps -e and so on for dom0?

Hmmm…I haven’t finished the installation yet, how do I check?

It’s really … surprising
I will try to install it again afterwards to see if I can maybe install it successfully

Aha! Better let it run its course then…

I guess you could open another terminal using ctrl + a function key even while installing as with almost all Linux distros, F2 should be safe and not used by anything

Hitting escape should be safe though?

When you get rid of the splash screen (the graphic BS) you’ll probably see where it is at