The forum doesn't accept .cpio.gz file

This issue is to report that you cannot upload a .cpio.gz file that’s generated by qubes-hcl-report. Exacly, the forum accepts .cpiogz but not .cpio.gz. This looks like a typo?

I just checked the forum settings, and .cpio.gz (with the period between cpio and gz) is already in the list of authorized extensions. I wonder if this might be a new Discourse bug.

@deeplow, any thoughts?

It’s not a typo. I also checked. @augsch can you try again now?

I’ll try again. BTW, there seems to be a report that looks like this issue.

Originally I met that issue in whonix-16-dvm with tor browser. Here in windows with firefox, I am able to upload a .cpio.gz file. Maybe it’s a tbb bug?

Edit: Interesting enough, I’m not able to reproduce the issue in all possible environments, including in whonix-16-dvm with tor browser, . Sorry for the disturbance.

However, there should be logs that a .cpiogz file had been uploaded in HCL - Lenovo Thinkbook 14 Gen3 ACL, although I didn’t post it because of privacy concerns.

Could be the upload bug. I’ve had something like that, where if I upload from a TBB within a normal qube, it works, but uploads fail in whonix.

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