The Clock Shows wrong time in Qubes 4.1

I recently installed Qubes 4.1 on Asus Zenbook laptop with Core i7 processor. The issue is that clock is constantly showing the wrong time. i entered bios and set the correct time there. after this for some time Qubes shows correct time but after reboot again goes back to wrong time. please help!

Did you check if clocksync is enabled?
Two ways to check:

  1. sys-net settings → Services tap → clocksync checked
  2. In dom0, type in “qvm-features sys-net” and the result should be “service.clocksync 1”

Internet should be connected to sys-net for service.clocksync to receive time data at regular intervals.

If you need to change timezone, more info can be found from the link below.

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After you reboot, is your BIOS holding the correct date/time or is that resetting as well? This will narrow down if it’s your hardware or the Qubes software.

Clocksync is checked and still its happening.

When I set the correct time in Bios then for a few mins it stays right in Qubes but after some time it changes automatically. This happens in the same session, without rebooting. Thanks.

Did you check you are in the right time zone?
In dom0, timedatectl status.

i Checked this and found that i am in a wrong time zone.

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