Thank you Qubes Team and Forum!

First, thank you @apparatus and @marmarek; I had a pitiful question and they kindly responded with a “perhaps its the password” (it was, I should have tried a few more things given the error). I have a totally non-Qubes issue and posted on another forum recently, not nearly as obvious but got some very unkind responses. I really appreciate the Qubes team and forum for their support, and just being civil.

I had given up on 4.1 when I upgraded my computer and I got quite a bit of help but wasn’t able to resolve the issue so coasted along on a kubuntu install for a few months until 4.2.1 came out and I had time. I felt quite naked (in the computer user sense) and am happy to have Qubes running again, this time on a computer that isn’t (literally) 12 years old (though to that computer’s credit it did an acceptable job).

Thanks again all - now on to posting another question :stuck_out_tongue: