Thank for actif team , and asking for ISO installation in qubes , into qubes OS 4.2

hello, March 2024 overall I have been interested in qubes bones for 3-4 years; I use Qubes OS v 4.2, in my opinion stable and usable. I would like to thank the team who actively take care of this great system; I regret certain unpleasant remarks, and sometimes little tolerance, I have a request: for a long time I have been looking for the method to install on a qube the Q4os ISO, is there anyone who could give me, step by step, a reliable method. Thank you, much tolerence for new qubes users and team


you could install Q4os in a qube but it won’t have Qubes OS integration.

  • download the ISO in a qube
  • create a new standalone qube that isn’t inherited from a template, choose “boot from cdrom”
  • select the ISO from the qube you downloaded
  • install

Thank you very much …now I am installing …on the created qube ( without template)
automatic …installation with suggested … 10 GB disk to partition…) I am affraid a little if it will not “crash” all QUBES system…but normally it is in separated qube…Thanks one more It works

qubes os is made to have different qubes that won’t interfere between each other

Hello, you are reason ,non problem and even i insalled ( by iso ) another linux antix,which takes internet .

Hello, 8/04/2024

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I am affraid a little if it will not “crash” all QUBES system

qubes os is made to have different qubes that won’t interfere between each other

Thank you ….But I don’t understand why….the qubes in 4.2.1 are not actifs …when no internet connexion ?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you are asking in your sentence :thinking:

Thank you .When there is no internet connexion…you can 't action .the qubes …Another small…information…when installing …linux on qubes with iso …for exemple Q4os …it is difficult to connect internet ( Wi+fi or wired), but one of them connect “auto”…; .AntiX Linux .

I’m not clear what you are trying to say here.
You seem to be saying that you cannot run qubes unless you have an
internet connection. This is not true.
If you do find that this is so, then you would have to provide
details of the set up, what programs you are trying to run, in what
qubes, and so on.
Also, you could usefully provide logs for one of the qubes you cannot

On the second point, this is unrelated to the first.
One reason that you may have problems here is that the linux distro will
not work with DHCP, so you have to set the IP address, netmask,
gateway, and DNS manually - this is not really a Qubes issue - how you
do this is information that you can find specific to the linux distro
you have installed.
The information you need is on the Settings for the qube you have
created. (You need to change netmask to in the qube.)

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