Tethering - iPhone do not ask to trust 4.2.1 Qubes

Dear all,

When I connect (with USB) my iPhone for tethering to a laptop configured with 3.8.2 it ask me well (on the iPhone) if I first trust my computer. There I could link it to the sys-net and get internet Access.

On a 4.2.1 new installation on a laptop which does not have an ethernet connection port and without being able to get the Wireless (RTL8821CE) working I have those problems I do not know how to solve each :slight_smile :

  1. without knowing why, my iPhone does not ask me first if I trust this laptop. As it does it well on the other one it could not come from the iPhone settings but I do not know why it does not do it on this last Qubes version (4.2.1).

  2. even if the iPhone does not ask me if I trust this laptop I am able to link it to the sys-net but … sys-net does not automatically create a connection due to the fact Wireless could not work (RTL8821CE do not work on 4.2.1) and there is no ethernet port on the laptop. Then I also did not find how to create a network connection to the linked iPhone.

As you can see iPhone first did not ask me to trust the laptop then Qubes do not automatically create a connection (without an ethernet port or a working wireless).

Thank you for your help if you can.

Have a nice day.

Fedora 39 does not have usbmuxd installed by default, which is needed to connect the iPhone and use tethering. I believe Debian 12 does, so you can create a new temporary qube based on this template, or just switch sys-net to Debian until you are done with whatever you want to do.

There is another little quirk using an iPhone tethering. I use an iPhone Personal Hotspot. When you are ready to start the Tether.

On iPhone: Go to “Settings/Personal HotSpot/Allow Others to Join” Turn it off for like three seconds, Then turn it back on. In Qubes click the two red terminals at upper right of screen. “Wi-Fi Networks” Now iPhone appears as an option. If it has a Wireless Password, the screen to enter it appears. I did manage to do the other stupid. I put a Wireless Password on the iPhone, that accidently I put a blank in the first character on the iPhone side. Easy to do when trying to type onto iPhone. And perplexed me for quite a few tests.

Anyway. to start Tether, one must restart the “Personal Hotspot/Allow Others to Join” Apparently the iPhone broadcasts a different signal for xxx seconds than later.

If the iPhone gives the query, “give permission” that sounds like what I used to see whenever I used a cable to plug into the USB of the Computer. There is a place whether one is trying to use HotSpot Wireless or USB. I guess that gets reset by restarting iPhone.

My next thought being that sometimes the settings for the Wireless Carrier and using HotSpot might not be correct. For that call Carrier.

The questions being, can you use the HotSpot on other devices?
Does the Qubes Wireless Service work in other places? When I start Qubes in a public Place, and there is a network that does not require connection then Qubes connects there, and to get it onto iPhone. I have to go to the two red Terminals. /Wireless Networks —and disconnect that one before it will see iPhone.

Not sure if this actually relates to your problem. Just this is my experience with using iPhone tether.


I should have mentioned, because it was a surprise to me several years ago. The HotSpot does not show to be activated unless one has paid for the service. Several years ago, I though having Data on my iPhone entitled me to use that Data for HotSpot. Nope, cell companies want more for HotSpot, so it is another service.

Then I had to be under the cell tower of the carrier to get the software for HotSpot to download. My home being in an area that is a tower for another cell carrier.

I did not find that out until after I had called carrier.

So I first ask question, do you have any other devices that can use the HotSpot of your iPhone before you blame wireless card? I know that Debian has difficulty with some wireless cards having Modules pre-installed into kernel. Whereas Fedora seems to be able to use, a lot of wireless cards.

I know nothing about your Wireless card. Does it connect to other places, besides the iPhone?

Dear all,
@DVM : I switched sys-net to Debian and even after a reboot the iPhone did not asked me to trust (or not my computer). :face_with_spiral_eyes:
I also checked if the iPhone linked to a Debian VM could see the files on it and off course (probably due to the missing usbmuxd) the file manager did not showed the attached (and linked to USB) iPhone :pensive:

@catacombs : RTL8821CE is a well known problem on this forum. But thx for your comments.

Then the investigation continue … :face_with_monocle:

Sorry I could not help.

In my successful connections with Hot Spot. I have never seen that message. When I have accomplished a data connection between iPhone and computer I have.

I once tried to use Debian as an OS. It did not like the WiFi model in several of my laptops, As it turns out, the particular WiFi chips were not secure. Like the one in my Mac Book Pro could not be spoofed. While the Debian OS was correct in refusing to talk through those WiFi, Debian can be difficult with lots more WiFi chips.

Once I bought an USB dongle with RTL WiFi . Only to receive it, and discover they had put into it an RA chip. Which also not in the collection of WiFi chips that comes with some of the basic Kernels.

If you find a USB dongle that directly connects with Kernels. Then please post on forum.

And you may know more than me about these things. I only find problems, not solutions.