Testing 4.1 rc1

I’m sure you will have seen the announcement of 4.1rc1

Now that we have a 4.1rc, it would be an excellent time to test the
following areas:
Installer - with template choice.
Upgrading - guide here
Restoring 4.0 (and earlier) backups
General usability

Even if you don’t want to upgrade your system, or you are already using
4.1, you can still help if you have an old drive, or a largish external
drive you could use.

Here are some areas to think about:

selecting different language
alternative formats
custom installs
selection of templates

In place upgrade -
introducing a deliberate failure to the process at different stages
note the “known issues”, and test them

check backups with/without encryption in different languages
large backups
missing templates/netvms

I’m sure you can find other areas yourself.
We’ll see a lot of comments here and at GitHub.

Exciting times.

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Problem-free, though it would be nice if there is a message after each private volume is transferred.

Gets set to the default template, which is reasonable (though being able to specify a specific replacement template would be better.)

When a kernel is missing (such as pvgrub2-pvh), there is an error message, but it is not clear whether the restored VM is in a good state (apart from the wrong kernel setting) or should be deleted.