Temporary way to run i2p on qubes-whonix

Hey everyone this isn’t necessarily a guide, more of a little solution I discovered yesterday night after a couple glasses of donjulio and thought it might help out some people who are looking to run i2p on qubes/whonix like the good old days.

Just install one of the i2pd packages from their github repo, I installed it using ‘dpkg --install’

then instead of running

sudo dpkg-reconfigure i2pd

to make it run automatically at boot just use

sudo systemctl enable i2pd

Now that’s done I made it run for 2 mins in case it needed to create the necessary config files like the java version.

sudo systemctl start i2pd
sudo systemctl stop i2pd

after that I edited the config file i2pd.config that can be found in the /etc/i2pd (or something like that, should be there somewhere in /etc/)
the only thing I edited was the max bandwidth and the address of the http webconsole to (basically just changed its IP to

I then just followed the whonix wiki to setup tor for I2P, currently there is one adjustment to be made different from the wiki: instead of putting under network.proxy.http you should put
And put under network.proxy.no_proxies_on so that the browser lets you connect to the webconsole without trying to route the connection through I2P.

And that’s done! Just tweak the other settings of torbrowser just as in the wiki and you should be good to go.

This guide is really generic since I’ve done this thing on a standaloneVM just to make things quicker, I’ll try and adapt everything to the qubes environment whenever the lazyness goes away.
Also please let me know all the things that are wrong with this setup! I’ve been using qubes for a long while but I’m not really knowledgeable about anything regarding linux or networks so please let me know!
Bye Bye