Template VM and Whonix GW

Dear Qubes enthusiasts

Hi I’m new to Qubes and wondering how I can connect my new template VM and Whonix Gateway.

I’m trying to route the internet of my Kali template VM through Whonix Gataway VM (I’m not doing any harm !) and wondering if someone can instruct me the way to set up my Kali VM to connect to internet through Whonix GW VM.

Thanks !


Hi @rho2, welcome to the Community! Why do you want to connect a template to the network at all? It is not recommended and can compromise your security:


If you want to update your Kali template via the Whonix gateway, the best way to do it is via the Qubes update proxy (rather than a direct network connection). You can configure which VM makes the proxy connection in the policy settings in dom0. If you are using Qubes 4.0, refer to the link that @fsflover provided. If you using Qubes 4.1, go to /etc/qubes/policy.d and (if not already created), copy 90-default.policy to a new file called 30-user.policy and edit the lines under #HTTP proxy for downloading updates so that your template VMs update via sys-whonix (or your desired Whonix gateway VM). Don’t edit 90-default.policy

[It should also go without saying that you should never run programs or otherwise connect to the internet via your Kali template. The Kali template is only for creating the Kali VMs which are used for running apps and making network connections.]