Template upgrade: documentation amendments

The sequence described in Templates | Qubes OS seems not right as sys-usb needs to be based on fedora-<new>-dvm

I just cloned fedora-<old>-dvm to fedora-<new>-dvm and rebased w/o going through step 4 and it works fine.

Are you referring to the following step?

[user@dom0 ~]$ qubes-prefs default-dispvm <NEW_DISPOSABLE_TEMPLATE>

Partially. I skipped all of the commands in step 4 at the favour of cloning and rebase.

By cloning the dvm template you also clone every change made to the persistent partitions. Re-creating from scratch is arguably the better option here, I don’t see why you’d say it’s “not right”.

This remark does not refer to step 4 but the sequence of step 1 to 4. Step 4 should be done before step step 2 IMHO.

Apologies, I misinterpreted your comment. If the vm is a disposable (as it should be for sys-usb), then yes, the template should be created before.

I’ll make the title more informative and move the thread to the Website Feedback category.

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Opened a PR for this: