Template update error - upgrading qubes 4.04 to 4.1

Hello, I tried to make an in place upgrade to the new qubes version. But after I running the upgrade script, there was a error code at stage 1, as you can see in the following pictures. I does´nt found a explanation for this, so maybe someone in this forum can tell me what I can do. After the error the qubes template update tool (which worked until this moment property) gave back an error.

Try to plug your computer to an ethernet then update them as you go along with it. If that doesn’t work, then back up all of your qubes to a storage device and then install the ISO for your PC. Otherwise, your ISP or company doesn’t let you to download and update them.

Does this help maybe?

Thanks, I try to update the templates with an ethernet port, but it does´nt help. In the above mentioned post, I have the same type of error message. :grimacing:
I am using a Librem 14 btw.

Comment: File /usr/lib/rpm/macros.d/macros.qubes is not present