Template RAM allocation for Google Qube

How much memory (RAM) in yalls opinion do yall think a Qube running the Google suite in would take up?

Likely will have Gmail, Google Docs/Sheets, and Google Drive files all open at the same time while also on at least 1 dynamic website such as Mega dot io, so to move stuff over from Google Drive to Mega’s cloud backup (migrating stuff off of Google).

I also plan to have this keep the base template I make but dispose after each use without trashing the actual base template I setup, if that makes sense (keep the settings I put into the template but after that everything resets as it’ll be treated as a disposable qubes)

Currently prepping by creating template qubes, need suggestions for those who have done this already.

Thank you

Also, how much RAM is allocated when selecting the

Initial RAM (also available from settings)


Option from the drop down menu in the GUI

How much does it give the qube in RAM?