Template Manager Loads Slowly

When I open the template manager, nothing shows for over 10 minutes.

qvm-template list also just stalls.

Is there a way to reinstall the template manager? Is this amount of delay expected behavior?

Should I reinstall everything?

Anything in the logs?

When logs don’t give much information, the quite verbose output of running
strace qvm-template list
might give some idea about what takes up much time.

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It updates immediately if I do not use sys-whonix for global updates. I was able to install the templates I want but why does this matter?

when i type strace it outputted command not found

The 10 minutes wait might be caused by all sorts of reasons.

For example, it could still need to start the qubes that are needed to networking through sys-whonix and set up the connection through the relay.

Maybe the waiting time is gone when you first do all that yourself.

These are two completely different tools, though. (Qubes) Template Manager is a local GUI tool for changing the templates on which qubes are based. qvm-template is a CLI tool for downloading templates over the network and installing them (and other related things). (Qubes) Template Manager should open instantly. qvm-template could potentially take hours, e.g., to download a very large template over a very slow Tor connection.