Template build from a iso

Is their a way to build a template from a iso?

You can create an HVM template and install an OS within it from an ISO.

See: Standalones and HVMs | Qubes OS

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Great and thank you, I am going to give this a try. If i have any questions may I ask for your help?

Yes please feel free to.

If you post your questions here that would also benefit others who might be facing similar issues.

Does the template then act like the OS as far as the GUI within the VM?

Now if i can “trust” this iso i downloaded…So the next question is…
If this iso is infected with something, what would happen to dom0 or other domains?

@davemyfree Yes, you would basically see a window with the OS GUI within it.

@B_ryr The ISO would only be mounted and run within the HVM. So, dom0 and other domains would not be affected.

@padhi…cool i will give it a go soon and let you know and whatever questions i might have

@padhi ok, so this iso is huge and I have it on one of my ssd’s and dom0 can see it as I can access the ssd from dom0. But when “install an OS in a HVM” AS I have already created the HVM I am having a problem with step (3) which is… If you have an ISO image of the installation media located in a qube (the qube where the media is located must be running):

qvm-start <YOUR_HVM> --cdrom=<YOUR_OTHER_QUBE>:/home/user/<YOUR_INSTALLER.ISO>

Well the iso is on a ssd that dom0 can access.
Now when I do that cmd in terminal I get… in terminal in dom0…
qvm-start: error one of the arguments – all VMNAME is required

Also can this OS be installed and setup on this sdd I have the iso on? Because my qubes os ssd has limited space left to install anything else?

LMAO, boy did I miss that…

qvm-start <YOUR_HVM> --cdrom=dom0:/usr/local/iso/<YOUR_INSTALLER.ISO>

So i find this document to (install/put) this os on the other ssd.
Is this that difficult?
As it looks confusing to do. Can it be done in a easier method?

Can you break the steps down or explain this a little better to me please?

You see my main qubes-os ssd is not full but i really don’t want to stress it and feel confortable where it is at in useage. So i would like to incorpate the other internal ssd for this os template build.

This is relatively advanced Qubes, and carries some risk. If you are not
clear on what you are doing, then don’t blindly follow instructions.
It would help if you said what looks confusing, and which steps seem
unclear to you.

@unman I believe right now as much as i would like to used the other ssd’s for templates,domains this exceeds my current skill set as i really don’t understand all the terminology and applicarion of it.
But thank you all for your time

As @unman said, this is a relatively advanced topic. You would basically have to create a new pool and store your Qube there.

However, you might also consider having the template VM in your default pool (so you main SSD), and attaching the secondary SSD (persistently, if you’d like) to the AppVM that requires storing large amounts of data.

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@padhi yeah i will be doing that option… attaching the secondary SSD (persistently, if you’d like) to the AppVM that requires storing large amounts of data…