TB4 Dock for System76 Galago Pro (galp6)

I have a System76 Galago Pro (galp6 specs). I’ve install Qubes 4.1.1 without issues.

I want to use a dock to connect:

  • 2x displays (can be Display Port, HDMIs, or Thunberbolt?)
  • Audio 3.5mm combo (out and microphone in?)
  • Ethernet
  • Multiple fast USB connections

A few questions:

  1. Can I get away without daisy chaining for dual displays? I think I would prefer to just have Display Ports for video. Open to thoughts here.
  2. Should my system (Qubes 4.1 / System76 galp6) support all features of TB 4? Is this even necessary for my needs? It does seem TB 4 has many benefits.
  3. Should it be possible to use a microphone in via 3.5mm in Qubes OS? I know it can otherwise be done with a normal USB.
  4. Specific recommendations on docks are appreciated!

I don’t have experience with docks on qubes but for this requirement only I would imagine you’d need a joint sys-net-usb. You could either create one, or attach your usb controller to sys-net and prevent the existing sys-usb from starting on boot.

I wouldn’t use my sys-net/sys-usb-to-ethernet to connect storage devices to it.

You already have RJ45 gigabit port, why would you need additional one -on dock?

Only you know the answer.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible?

I’m not sure what you mean. Can you please link something, or explain?

No experience too, but I’m sure someone else will jump in with this.

People usually treat this as an advantage actually, but If you have multiple ports, why not? You need to define your needs regarding using 2 displays - what do you want to see on them. I’m not sure though.