Tasket VPN qubes 4.1

Did someone test the VPN killswitch from tasket on 4.1? Does it work? Does VPN → Whonix works also without leaks?


Both qubes-tunnel and Qubes-VPN-support have been working with 4.1 (I’ve been using 4.1 since alpha).

As for arranging it with Whonix, it still seems to work (linking a separate sys-vpn qube to sys-whonix qube) although the usual downsides mentioned in the Whonix wiki still apply and a VPN-over-Tor connection only seems to last as long as a Tor circuit does before re-connecting (YMMV).

Thank you for your fast answer, I didnt exactly understand the second part, so after whonix reconnects with a new circuit, then its only whonix not vpn->whonix anymore?

Setting sys-vpn → sys-whonix → APP Vm

Setting sys-vpn → sys-whonix → APP Vm

The arrangement you show there is Tor-through-VPN, and does not really have any connection issues (assuming your VPN provider allows Tor traffic).

But swapping sys-vpn and sys-whonix (VPN through Tor) can have connection issues like I mentioned. VPN protection would not disappear, but the VPN could be forced to re-connect repeatedly. This should not cause any VPN traffic to leak (the sys-vpn firewall rules remain in effect regardless).

The most thorough info for the ups and downs of combining tunnels is at the Whonix wiki and forum so I suggest using that as a resource.

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