'Taskbar' is all messed up

Apologies if this is too obvious but for some reason my ‘taskbar’ is all messed up and I can’t seem to fix it.
On the left I used to have the applications menu, a bunch of launchers and the windows buttons for open windows while on the right I had the notification area, the clock etc… In between them was free space where windows buttons would open.

Now everything is jammed to the left while the free space lives on the right past the clock and action buttons. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to get it back to normal. In panel preference there doesn’t seem to be any item I can add or setting I can change to return back to normal.

What am I missing here?

The solution seems to be found under the ITEMS register (Panel Preferences). Assume there’s a (or the) Window Buttons item the last one in the row and need to be moved up between the Seperators or at least to the position you formerly worked with…

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi @TheGardner unfortunately this isn’t the case. In the items menu the last one is ‘Action Buttons’. The windows buttons is already in the correct place.

Hey. Could you send a screen of the items menu?

I’ve also added a screenshot of the taskbar with a Tor Browser window open to illustrate the problem.

There’s a ‘Separator’ missing between Windows Buttons and Workspace Switcher
Press + on the Items tab and looking for ‘Separator’ - choose it and move it between Windows Buttons and Workspace Switcher

That’s how I’ve set up my menu. You’d be good to go by pasting the seperators as shown in my screenshot

I’ve added a separator but that doesn’t seem to solve it. I’ve changed the color of the taskbar for increased visibility. You can see the separator before the Tor window button. I’ve added a second on behind the windows buttons but that doesn’t solve it either.

I found the solution: the separator after the Windows Buttons must be set to Expand.

Thanks for all the help.