Tails, and kodachi in qubes 0s 4.1 - no network

Good morning, Everyone.
I hope all is good with you.
I have started in “live”- mode standalone Tails, and Kodachi Linux hosts within Qubes OS 4.1, and all looks great but I do not have access to the “outside”. I see into the Manager both machine have address from 10…- range. Internally though my vNIC is not connected.
Can you, please suggest a solution ?
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First, what You want achieve by using tails in VM? I think it is pointless, but yes I also run it for fun.

Second. Just go to network manager in Your VM and configure static IPs using that, that You can see in Qubes Manager.

Indeed it is only for fun, @Szewcu :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
I already see into Qubes Manager, both machines have addresses from the standard range (10…).
What will be the “internal one” ?
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Set static ipv4 address as you vm ip, and gateway as your gateway ip. Also set netmask to and DNS servers to and

Thank you again @Szewcu,

Just to verify, the static IP should be as well as 10.139.1.x\32 ?



thank you, @Szewcu, it is working now.
I do not understand though - in Qube Manager I see assigned IP address of - why I need to re-enter it statically ?
the dg is

Since both of that system lacks the tools that will read that configuration. I’m rather curious how WIndows VMs get this configuration.

I have one old XP SP3 in VirtualBox (I have some tools I still need so this is why I want to use it).
Do you know how to prep it for Qubes import ? If it is possible I would try it.

It may be problematic. I only try with fresh xp install and not succeeded fully. I was able to install it and pass through flash drives to it. Networking also works. But… Even if I build QWT for 32bit architecture and find 32bit drivers for Xen on archive.org integration with Qubes not working. And it probably will never works since there is no interest in maintaining Win XP agent in qubes team, and Xen drivers for Win XP are deprecated. So if that old Xen drivers not work there will be no working ones. Other problem is that

As for converting from Virtualbox (or any other disk img) this guide (Standalones and HVMs | Qubes OS) never work for me. There are one trick that You can find on the forums/mialing lists byt even after that it always fails to boot for me.

The trick is to extend img to standard qubes VM system drive size before creating VM:

dd if=/dev/zero of=myrootfs.img count=0 bs=1 seek=10737418240

or alternatively (in dom0) just copy the img to rootfs of previously created VM:
qvm-run -p YOUR_VM_WITH_IMG 'cat /home/user/serenity/Build/i686/grub_disk_image' > /dev/mapper/qubes_dom0-vm--YOUR_HVM--root

this should be prompted as a root so You may use sudo su before

Hello @Szewcu.
I think, I was able to change to iso with (at least there was no errors while converting :slight_smile: ):

qemu-img convert -f  **filename** .vdi **filename** .raw
dd if= **filename** .raw of= **filename** .iso

I added it to one of the qubes there, and have created a standalone qube as:

qvm=create **filename** --class StandaloneVM --property virt_mode=hvm --property kernel="" --property memory=4000 --label=gray

Can you, please explain your code from above a little bit more so to be able to apply it, and try to start the win xp ?

thanks, and best