T470P, P51, or P52?

T470P (specs) is a 7th gen CPU, P51 has an 8th gen CPU (specs). Both have 4 cores. P52 is an 8th gen or a different one with 6 cores (specs). However, I only saw one or two reports for the P52 a few years ago, and they’ve both had trouble. I’m concerned that the graphics card could cause problems too, but I can try finding one with integrated graphics. I would like a laptop with at least 4 cores.

I prefer to go with Thinkpads because I like their keyboards, they have generally reliable Linux support, earlier versions tend to be easily repairable, and they let me change the battery charging thresholds by changing values in /sys/power somewhere. But I’m open to other brands.

I’m excluding the T480 because mine stopped charging a while after I updated away from the thunderbolt firmware that degraded the USB-C port. I guess it got too much damage before I bought it used. I’m only considering the T470P because it has a USB-A charging port (slim tip adapter). 9th gen and up are out of my budget. I’m only going to buy a used computer.

Has anyone used the P52? Do you have suggestions on other computers?

Use case: I want to be able to use more disposable VMs without too much lag, which my T480 i7-8550U and 24 GB RAM kind of struggled with. And I plan to use this one computer for at least the next 5 years. But 5 years later I’ll probably be able to get a much better computer, so I’m not sure if the small jump from 4 to 6 cores is worth it.

i believe there’s not much improvement, stick with your current setup.

i have legion5 i7-10750H with 64gb ram, and now using x230 i5 with 8 gb ram.

not much different for my daily use.


Well that’s a big jump. How intensively do you use Qubes OS? Like the number of qubes you have going on, and what you use it for.

on my x230

dom0 1,5gb
sys net 350mb
sys firewall 350mb
sys mirage 32mb x 3
sys whonix 450mb
telegram 800mb
session 800mb
dev 700mb (git, edit file, etc)
and 1 disp browser 2gb

sometimes need to open
keepass 500mb
thunderbird 800mb

and have to shutdown this browser, or other vm
but overall its good for my daily use.


I have the P52
It has 4 RAM Sockets (max 128GB) I currently have 96 GB installed.
It can also take 2 x M.2 and a 2.5 SSD…
So very expandable unlike the others…
Mine has the P3200 6GB Quadro card (which I disabled in Linux).
Also looking for feedback from users with this machine!

PS. Three drives very good, as you can store VM’s on one drive… performance should be enhanced.


That’s cool! Did you make an HCL report? Did it just work out of the box or have problems?