T430 for sale FHD 1080p - Heads OS - i7-3840QM - 16gb ram

Hi All,

Firstly I’m sorry if this is in the wrong place and am happy to move it if there is a ‘For Sale’ section, I just couldn’t find it when searching.

I recently bought a Librem so am looking to sell my custom T430, although rather than listing on eBay first where most people have no idea what it’s for… I figured I would advertise here first to see if there is interest from the community first.

Heads has been flashed to the bios chips - Original stock rom dumps will be provided on a separate usb drive with the T430 so you could return to stock if you wanted or rebuild Heads.

  • 170w power adapter from the w530

  • FHD 1080p display - B140HAN02.4 (if I remember the model correctly) - converter is behind the display

  • RAM - Kingston HyperX Impact 16 GB (2x 8 GB) 2133 MHz DDR3L CL11

  • CPU - i7-3840QM

  • WiFi Card - Advanced-N 6205

  • Upgraded heatsink/cooler to delta DGPU version for the extra heatpipe/cooling (This is the t430 variant without the DGPU)

  • Camera removed (camera/keyboard light left in) - Microphone removed

  • No battery - annoyingly I took the battery out to store the laptop when I got the librem and tottally misplaced it, I may be able to find it if it makes a huge difference to you but I think it only had like 50% life left in it anyway.

  • No HDD/SSD will come with the laptop

Keyboard was not replaced with the more mechanical one as I was suprised by how good this chicklet style keyboard feels to me - the travel seems alot further than usual and actually feels pretty mech to me.

Heads will be reset ready for you to set it up with your own keys and config
(just a friendly FYI: I will not be providing tech support for heads! lol)

I bought this particular T430 as it was the cheapest I could find due to the shell being in such bad condition. I was on a budget for the total build with the FHD mod, CPU and RAM eating up the majority of it right from the off.

The laptop came to me working but the shell was an E/F grade. I have a lot of experience working with and refurbishing thinkpads over the years and all work has been done by myself.

The majority of the parts apart from the mainboard, the plastic shell that holds the keyboard and plastic lid that holds the screen have been replaced. I’m more of a function over form guy so the cosmetics never bothered me much, however I did for instance, even replace the magnesium subframe although it didn’t seem damaged as I didn’t want to risk it in the event of a drop.

Initially I planned to fully reshell the laptop but given that you can buy individual case parts from Aliexpress. However when I received the laptop I found that the back of the screen and the top plastic shell that holds the keyboard were actually not too bad so I decided to keep those parts and just reshell the rest.

That being said there is damage to the front right corner of the keyboard section of the laptop where the shell snaps together some plastic has cracked off.

Lastly, it’s pretty minor, but the plastic cover on the back of the screen (the lid?) has some surface scratches that you can see but not feel, they are pretty light but they are there you could probably buff them out or just replace it if it bothers you.

There is one much deeper scratch that you can feel and see on the lid of the screen.

I’d like to sell and ship this within the UK to avoid faff but I will consider intl shipping provided you pay the full shipping + any import export taxes or fees that there may or may not be.

It’s a great machine I’m really sorry to let it go, feels like my dog or something honestly but it has been in storage for 6 months now I have my Librem and I know it will just gather dust.

I uploaded the photos to postimg.cc as it seems I can only upload 5 pics here.

I’m happy to take more photos on request and will consider any offers sent to me via DM. I’d like to do this as a silent auction, whereby I will pick the best offer after a set period of time, say a week/2 weeks, what do you guys think?

Isn’t this a bit of an exaggeration?

In the forum of a military-grade security operating system project used by human rights activists, among others, you post an offer to sell a used laptop, which by the very post is not as safe as buying it through ebay.

And seriously:
If you had listed the asking price then frankly I would have considered buying.
But instead you expect people to price the equipment in PW messages and after two weeks you’ll get back to the person who gives the best offer.
It’s like you’re doing some kind of recruitment…

Give a starting price and you can then talk about negotiations.
Since you’ve so heavily de-anonymized the technical details of the laptop, the price shouldn’t be a secret.


If you read my post again carefully you will see that I am listing it here first before eBay, to generate interest on the forum where people actually know what this is…

I intend to conduct the sale on eBay for the security of both parties, but I would organise the sale and set the price here. - I’ll grant you my post could have been clearer on this part.

But instead you expect people to price the equipment in PW messages and after two weeks you’ll get back to the person who gives the best offer.

This is a standard silent auction, where I take private bids, which I would respond to directly after each bid what is so unaccaptable about that?

I haven’t put a price becuase I built this pre-covid and whilst I remember it being expensive I don’t remember how much and the world economy is in a much different place now anyway. This is obvious a highly specialised item and so understandably, I haven’t found any similarly configured T430, flashed with heads therefore it’s hard to value.

The closest I can find to this is to spec out a nitropad with the same components which is approx 1000+ EUR, which in my view is far too expensive.

In addition Pawelek, by chance I came across one of your posts yesterday, whilst posting this and was astonished and by your communications with other members of the forum especially @Sven who is a very kind and highly regarded member of the community.

I chose not to get involved in that post yesterday as that may have been a one off incident on your part, however seeing that this is not the case… I suggest you tone down your over confrontational communication style which I find rude and grating, to say the least, and I would be very suprised if I’m the only one.

Yes or course, in trying to sell my laptop via silent auction I am signalling that I am actually a spy, touche sir…(!) ffs.

heavily de-anonymized?? - I take it by this you mean listing the components in it…?
How exactly do you expect me to sell a laptop without listing the components…?!

You can also oviously find countless posts on this forum with people describing their Qubes hardware in detail.

In conclusion Pawelek, please don’t bid, I don’t have the energy to deal with the enourmous irritation that I would doubtlessly incur as a result.

Consider listing your item on https://moneromarket.io

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@tanky0u Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve actually already considered it.

I have some XMR already that I plan to hold on to for a few years but I could actually do with the cash at the moment as I’m in between roles and have some expensive purchases coming up.

If all else fails I’ll go to moneromarket, it just seems silly to sell for monero only to cash out straight away. The privacy is a good benefit but I’m not too worried about anyone knowing I have/had a ‘nitropad clone’.

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I build mine during COVID and even though the machines where in the $300 range on eBay when I bought them, until everything was said and done (display, Wi-Fi, CPU, RAM, SSD, fan upgrades) it was ~$1k. Then you might also value your time in understanding HEADS, disassembling the laptop, locating the flash chips and getting it all to work.

In my opinion something in the neighborhood of $1k is absolutely reasonable.


Thanks for your input Sven :slightly_smiling_face: - I can see your thinking here and I hope potential buyers agree with you :sweat_smile:

However I’m open to lower offers due to the damage to the plastic case in 2 areas and I’m also aware that there are a lot of people, cyber security students etc. who would likely struggle to layout 1K in this economy.

I also don’t mind it going for a lesser price (within reason) to move it more quickly.

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Did you do Hamish Colemans ECflash to allow for example Greencell batteries?

In Germany you get them for 100€ and below, but in mixed condition.


  • EC flash
  • wifi card upgrade ≈ 20€
  • 170W charger (if needed) ≈30€
  • Big CPU (if you need it) up to 100€ as its rare
  • heatpaste or even liquid metal ≈10-25€ first buy
  • 16GB DDR3L RAM, this is really nice, up to 100€
  • extra Fan also up to 20€ as its rare
  • fancy display adapter ≈20€ and rare
  • 1080p IPS display up to 100€
  • 500GB SATA SSD, 30€
  • Nitrokey or other GPG storage up to 40€
  • installing Heads: invaluable currently, as there IS NO DOCUMENTATION
  • destroying hardware, okay you can argue about that

So in total 480-600€ + x for you doing all the work

Other nice mods:

  • HDD caddy≈15€
  • sand down these trackpad numbs
  • hardware switch for webcam
  • USBA-C adapter, but loots of scam ≈3€
  • some expresscard magic, like more usb ports
  • a GPU? Should be supported by noveau very well, even though weak as hell
  • hacked better speakers from phones ≈20€

Good luck trying to refurbish a xx30 ThinkPad for $600.

If you buy for $100 laptop, it’s most likely going to in bad condition, and you are likely going to have to replace the upper and/or lower chassis, possibly the keyboard and display brazel.

You also don’t factor in the price of a new HDD/SSD and battery.

On top of all this is, you need to pay shipping for all the items from China, which easily is another $100.

Did you do Hamish Colemans ECflash to allow for example Greencell batteries?

I honestly don’t remember, it was that long ago…

I may have chosen not to as I had a genuine battery already and was anxious to get on with building heads which I knew was going to be a lot of work, I also decided not to do the keyboard mod.

I mostly used it plugged in anyway for my use case.

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Mine was 150€ 5 years ago and its in great condition. Also not everyone is living in the US haha, but maybe OP is. In the EU we have no shipping tax from China afaik

Also not everyone is living in the US haha, but maybe OP is

I’d like to sell and ship this within the UK to avoid faff but I will consider intl shipping provided you pay the full shipping + any import export taxes or fees that there may or may not be.


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