T420 heads qubes no display signal

Dear all, I bought used T420 i72620m with windows installed. Display port worked. However, after external flashing maximized heads and qubes installation I get no signal. Also after booting from an usb (fedora 40) no signal. Do you have any ideas how to fix the problem?

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If it’s a T420 with dGPU the mini display port is probably driven by the dGPU. Only if it’s without dGPU the mini display port is driven by the internal GPU. VGA is always driven by the iGPU.
So possibly you have a dGPU driver issue.

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Thank you for the answer! I do not have any grafic card. I assume that means that i dont have dGPU. From my understanding dGPU is not embedded into t420 motherboard, or am I wrong?

dGPU = dedicated GPU = GPU not part of the CPU

You should be able to check it via lscpi | grep VGA in dom0.
If it shows a non-Intel GPU you have a dGPU.

If you don’t, it’s more likely a hardware failure (which is unlikely as it worked under Windows) or possibly you picked a wrong heads image to flash (IIRC there are special images for dGPUs).

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This is what I have: gpu:
Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09) ([VGA controller]).

Indeed, my model comes with dGPU. So, the displayport must be connected to the nvidea nvs 4200 chip. So, I will try a doc station as a simple solution…thank you for the reply!