System requirements


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Would it ever be possible to once again make Qubes OS versions where it is a bit more relaxed on system requirements?. I am thing specifically about the
Intel VT-x with EPT or AMD-V with RVI
Intel VT-d or AMD-Vi (also known as AMD IOMMU)

Because i think that sorts out many pc’s

I see some of the earlier qubes versions did not have those requirements. But maybe it is a nessecity to demand those requirements to make sure the OS gives the protection it is intended to provide?

One more question. If i can not meet the hardware requirements, would i then be best of using an earlier Qubes OS version? Or would it provide better security to just run another linux OS?. I am here thinking about which would be the safest way to run an whonix os virtual machine?

Thank you in advance. It is a great forum

Qubes alone doesnt make the rules in this case. Xen wont fully work without IOMMU especially the seperation from PCI hardware devices from dom0 (sys-net, sys-usb, sys-gui-gpu etc…)

so if you override these requirements you probably just have a bloated linux.

If you have newer pc / laptop > 2012 i think? should be worked, but you can tell us your laptop / cpu model if you want to make sure.

where you see this statement ?

tails should be good.

I have experienced several times that cpu’s much newer than 2012 does still not meet the requirements of newer Qubes versions

Tails is not an option as a host os for whonix

as for i3 it should be started in the gen 5
i5 in gen 2
i7 in gen 1

how come it haven’t supported?

yeah i assume that if your cpu doesnt support vtx vtd i think its should be low spec, so i suggest just using tails than other + whonix.