System crashes after entering password on "Q" screen

I am attempting to install Qubes OS on my Zephyrus G15 which has a Ryzen 6000 and Nvidia 3070. I have grabbed the most recent Qubes OS test build with (apparently) has a more recent version of Xen. From what I understand, Xen is the main reason newer CPU’s may not work, so my hardware should in theory be compatible with the software.

High Level Overview:
It does take a bit of hacky work around to get the OS installed, but the OS does install properly. On first boot Qubes appears to install all the VM’s properly but then the screen turns black. After trying to start the machine again I get to the “Q” screen where I am prompted to enter a password to decrypt the disk. I am able to enter the password and the “load bar” fills up as expected. But then the screen turns black and the PC appears to reboot.

Low Level Overview:
In order to get Qubes installing properly, I had to add the following grub boot commands:

XEN-args: dom0_max_vcpus=1 dom0_vcpus_pin=1
Kernel-args: nouveau.modeset=0 acpi=off

This should get the OS installed properly. After which I reboot the OS and insert the following commands that enable the entering of my password on the “Q” screen.

XEN-args: x2apic=false

Without this command, the “password field” on the Q screen does not appear, and the load bar creeps forward very slowly.

Not really sure why this happens, and If anybody has a solution to this, I would appreciate it.