System Crash (systemd)

Getting a system crash and an error message related to systemd:

“uninitialezed urandom read”. This problem results in a RSOD (Red Screen of Death) and

a crash. It appears to be related to the generation of sufficient entropy for the Random Number Generator.

Basically the kernel signals that the in-kernel CRNG was not yet fully initialized with sufficient entropy, as

according to the following article:

Is it possible to change the binary used to generate entropy as stated in the following article?

Use some other pseudo-random number generators, such as haveged[3], to increase the entropy in the pool.

Has anybody experienced a systemd related crash with the following in the error log:

random:systemd:uninitialized urandom read

I saw there was another post that describes the same thing.

Could this be related to CPU temperature? CPU load?

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