Sys-whonix tor control panel bug

Qubes 4.1

When I use ‘custom bridges’ & press accept the setting shown then for bridges is ‘None’. Where should I report this as bug - for whonix project or for Qubes project on github?

How to reproduce:
Select Time Synchronisation Monitor in the Qubes system tray, choose in the menu appeared sys-whonix->Tor control panel , on opened ‘Tor control panel’ window choose configure, in ‘Bridges type’ choose ‘Custom bridges’, press ‘Accept’ . Now enter bridges received from tor project, press ‘Accept’. The window shows Tor status connecting to Tor & then Tor is connected, but in user configuration part of the window the ‘Bridges type’ are shown as ‘None’ - this is a bug.

With the whonix project, I think.

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Didn’t find a right way to bugreport via github. Looks like the forum is the right place. Posted here: Sys-whonix tor control panel bug - Qubes-Whonix - Whonix Forum

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Yes, it is.