Sys-whonix <- sys-firewall2 leads to identity correlation

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This can be prevented by using the Stream Isolation[0] feature provided by sys-whonix / whonix-gateway.

To isolate a circuit for a specific qube, it is possible by combining redsocks[1].

Also, sys-whonix bundled Onion Circuits, which is useful for checking the isolation.

[0] Stream Isolation
[1] GitHub - darkk/redsocks: transparent TCP-to-proxy redirector

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Stream isolation as documented will not prevent this, since it uses dst
port and dst address.

Have you tried it? that’s what I thought when I saw the document.
I ran the following commands in two VMs using sys-whonix as netVM, but the streams were isolated.

VM1 : curl -L --socks5-hostname
VM2 : curl -L --socks5-hostname