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I have a question of understanding. If I create a new Qube with a template, for example Fedora, but enter the sys Whonix in nt-VM, does that mean everything that goes to the Internet via this VM runs over the Tor network and is therefore also anonymous with data protection? If so, why do I still need the Whonix Workstation in front of it?

A second question (perhaps also complements the first) If I do a Qube template Whonix WS with sys Whonix as NetVM, does that mean everything runs anonymously over the Tor network, even if I don’t use the browser as an example but, for example, a Update crypto node in terminal?
If so, then it should be the same in the constellation of the first question, right?

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Not necessarily so.

Whonix is not only provides Tor usage but also many security features.
You can read more about Whonix in the docs:


okay thanks for the links. I’ve read up a bit, but unfortunately one question remains unanswered. My problem is the Tor Browser. It only causes problems with my HW wallet. I once installed the Bravebrowser in Whonix and everything works there, it’s faster, nicer and somehow better and doesn’t cause any problems with my HW wallet.

Now the golden question, if I start Brave in anonymous mode, do I have privacy restrictions compared to the Tor browser? As I said it is a Whonix WS with sys-Whonix.

For Trezor there is a guide to use Tor Browser with Trezor Bridge:

Maybe there’s a way for your HW wallet to work as well if you search for it.

Note that Private Windows with Tor Connectivity in Brave are just regular private windows that use Tor as a proxy. Brave does NOT implement most of the privacy protections from Tor Browser.

I use ledger. There may be a possibility, but the question is how complex it is and whether it makes sense to get the % out of it to be able to use the Tor Browser beyond Whonix. As I said, apps that use the ledger work under Whonix/sys-Whonix, but as soon as you go through the Tor Browser, it unfortunately no longer works.
I don’t understand the logic myself, but unfortunately that’s how it is. I’m not the big freak either, the question is what makes Tor under Whonix/sys Whonix better than Brave in private mode (without Tor) if you don’t use the onion addresses anyway…
I still have a lot to learn as a Qubes newbie :smiley:

just for comparison i have used crome in windows 10 for everything so far :smiley:

The problem could be due to the fact that Firefox has been having problems with Ledger on websites since April. Since Tor is based on Firefox, the problem is not surprising. It is probably due to the lack of U2F support since April.
However, if the problem with Tor is the same as with Firefox, then it won’t work with Tor either way, then Brave with Whonix/sys-Whonix could be the safest way to work with Ledger in Qubes OS.
Unless you have another idea.

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Seems like the Ledger don’t work in Firefox in general:

yes exactly, I edited the post above at the same time as your reply.
So the best variant is Brave/Whonix/sys-Whonix