Sys-whonix freezes and blocks suspend

I have sys-whonix (whonix-16) created during installation 4.1 without any manual modifications and updated regularly. It did not cause any problems during first months of use.

Now it freezes after few hours after start. I can not run for example new terminal. Already running terminal window is not responding.

Unfortunately this frozen appvm blocks laptop suspend. If I suspend the laptop the screen locks, but it does not go to sleep until I unlock the screen, kill the sys-whinix. Then it goes to sleep with unlocked screen.

Do you have any idea what can be wrong with the sys-whonix or to which logs look for clues? I tried, but didn’t find anything. I will try recreate or reinstall sys-whonix and the template, but I would like to investigate it first.

Why unresponsive appvm blocks suspend? There should be at least some reasonable timeout.

You can try the patch from here as it seems to be a pretty similar issue: