Sys-vpn /etc/hosts

Hi, I have removed the default sys-firewall considering it useless being a de facto carbon copy of sys-net but instead have had it replaced with a mullvadvpn dispvm following their guide Mullvad on Qubes OS 4 - Guides | Mullvad VPN
automatically greping the vif with a $(shell line)

that coupled with a few things to create some network noise I have almost competed my setup except /etc/hosts, which for some odd reason adding an adblock ,malware block,social etc block list it doesnt infact work, not like id like it to, it blocks the hosts from the qube running all that itself but doesnt pass it to the next one, any ideas how i should move forward? my idea is just keep the host file on the sys-vpn i have setup and update it once every few days rather then updating every qube’s host fle every few days

basically how can i use my custom sys-firewall to block websites with its own /etc/hosts … passing etc hosts blocks to other vms, dunno how to phrase it

thank you

You can use pi-hole for this.
You can use this tool from @unman to setup you pihole qube:

Or search on this forum to see how to configure it manually.