Sys-vpn (Debian) has stopped working

After the latest Debian 10 update my VPN VM has stopped working. No pop-up message on start-up and I can’t ping a URL from sys-vpn or connected app VMs. Anyone else finding this?

This has happened with me too though I use qubes-tunnel which is based off Qubes-vpn-support

The latest Qubes-vpn-support update (v1.4.4) has a workaround for the
problem. The notification system jams up any script that calls it “too
soon”, resulting in a delay of >2min before the link comes online.

The qubes-tunnel package hasn’t been updated yet.

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Thank you - I’ll try later and report back

I think in my case there’s something else going on as even though I can get a VPN connection I can’t ping - so probably the default nameserver / isn’t working

Adding nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf fixes it - but I’m guessing that’s a ‘bad thing’ as it’s a google DNS?

Edit: Changed the template VM to Fedora 32 and the sys-vpn works

use Quad9 -

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