Sys-usb with no name

Hi there,

I am facing an issue with the sys-usb on my Dell Precision 7560.
I have a pop up “Device available”, “Device removed” that keeps being there on the top right of my screen.
When I do qvm-usb I received the following information :
"sys-usb:2-14 : " (it has no name).

When I try to attach it to a VM, i get the following error :
“Device attached failed: No device info received, connection failed, check backend side for details”

From the documentation it seems like it is the incompatibility problem.

Can I do anything to stop that pop up, or to try to identify which device is causing problem with my computer ?

Thank you in advance

Run lsusb and/or usb-devices in sys-usb and check if you can identify it there.

What template are you running in your sys-usb vm?
You can identify it with qvm-prefs sys-usb template