Sys-usb unresponsive

Is it normal for a USB qube and template to be completely unresponsive? I cannot run an echo command through qvm-run or open a terminal in my sys-usb or its template. But strangely enough it works fine without issue besides the fact that I can’t do stuff in it myself.

Is there a way I can debug it, or is this expected?

It is based on debian-12-minimal with qubes-usb-proxy and qubes-input-proxy-sender installed.

You can connect to this qube console and check what’s wrong with it with this command in dom0 terminal:

qvm-console-dispvm qubename

Is that the same as the “open console in qube” button? I did that, it didn’t work either.

I opted to recreate the template and disposable template exactly as I did before and it’s working now. I’ll see if it lasts.


It would be good idea to mar your post as a solution so it could help future users too.

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