Sys-usb systemtray icon run terminal does not work


I have changed my AppVMs to the Fedora-38 template.
Now only in sys-usb I can’t use the system tray icon, the terminal(run-terminal) and Open File Manager.

If I use the Debian-11 template for sys-usb then it works.

How is the icon called via the system tray icon for the two apps(terminal, files)?

Does this work if you try to run the terminal or file manager using the Menu entry? (top left corner button → Service: sys-usb)

Maybe sys-usb need more RAM with fedora-38? Try to increase memory for sys-usb and check if it’ll fix the issue.

Thanks that worked, I increased the memory from 400MB to 500MB and now both apps can be opened from the tray menu again.

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