Sys-Usb security and external device security best practices?

looking at getting an external mouse and keyboard, outside of disposable Sys-usb connections what other things should we be addressing for security and best practices?
I want to make sure my system doesn’t become compromised from external devices, i have a mouse and keyboard specifically only for qubes nothing else.

It might be a good idea to select peripheral devices that are as “dumb” or “low-tech” as possible, meaning devices that are less capable of being infected by malware and attempting to attack your Qubes installation. For example, one obvious difference between an old-school IBM Model M keyboard from the 1980s and a recent Razer keyboard is that the latter has all sorts of onboard memory and software. (For example, when I plug an old Razer mouse that I used to use many years ago into a Windows machine, it immediately prompts me to install Razer Synapse software before I do anything. All I did was plug it in.)

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