Sys-usb not starting at boot?

I’ve done this twice so far…

  1. Install Qubes 4.1 (Qubes-R4.1.0-beta1-x86_64.iso).
  2. During the install, I deselect Whonix (don’t need it for my use model) and I toggle sys-firewall and sys-usb to NOT be disposible. (For my needs, I customize sys-usb.)
  3. Reboot. sys-usb does not consistently start up.
  4. Open Qube Manager. Select settings for sys-usb, toggle start on boot (was checked, uncheck it, then recheck it). Click “Apply” and “OK”. From this point on, sys-usb appears to start properly during boot.

Has anyone else seen this?

Is it not starting at all, or maybe starts with a delay?

Yes, couple of times. Was actually wondering how to debug this.

Other vm’s (like sys-net) start normally, but sys-usb just won’t start automatically sometimes.

My sys-usb is disposable.

My sys-usb is not disposable.

I wonder if there is a race condition that is failing. Have you noticed that toggling the settings fixes the problem?

Not starting at all. I have to manually start sys-usb. Then I get a ton of notifications while every usb device is detected.

This is really looking like a race condition.

I just had sys-usb start up, but the laptop’s built-in touch pad was not recognized. (Couldn’t move the mouse.) It also didn’t auto-connect to the wifi. I rebooted and the problem went away. (Reboot had the mouse and the network connected as usual.)

Yes I did. When R4.1.0-beta1 was announced I have upgraded on one of my systems. After a reboot, the device got bricked (because no PS/2 interface available).
After installing the ISO and applying the qvm.usb-keyboard formula, I ended up with the exact same result.

Because of the unpleasant nature of having no keyboard access I did not find the time to troubleshoot it further (yet).
(To be exact, luks password entry works. The login screen after decryption, doesn’t.)

This is also my experience. Luckily, I can log in with the laptop keyboard and start sys-usb manually. I’m also using 4.1-beta1.

I’m also using external usb keyboard with the laptop.

I’ve submitted this as a bug: sys-usb sometimes fails to start · Issue #6824 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

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