Sys-usb issues with Tuxedo Book XP14


I recently posted a HCL report for my Tuxedo Book XP14 Gen 12 and made a brief mention of usb connection issues.

As I cannot find any other posts remotely similar to the issues I have I assume this is a hardware compatibility issue.

I cannot report the following issues with my computer:

  • sys-usb will sometimes not automatically load on boot
  • various disk partition formats will not appear in the files app, but will sometimes appear in the disks app
  • one usb stick that was connected became corrupt and could only be used again after reformatting

Interestingly when I format a flash drive or external ssd with the linux disks app it will never show up in the files app when I connect it via sys-usb, I need to use the disk utility app in Mac OS for this to work.

I am keen to update to the new rc2 release, hoping that this bug might have already been fixed, but it has not shown up in my qubes update list yet.

“I cannot report” above should read… I can report

I will not appear in the updates. It will not be a simple update, but an upgrade. Here is how to do it: How to upgrade to Qubes 4.1 | Qubes OS. Note that RC2 is not a stable version yet.

Thanks for that @fsflover, I missed it github thread.

As I am already running Qubes 4.1 my understanding from the documentaion is that it would be standard Qubes update?

Yes, when it’s fixed, a simple update should help on 4.1.