Sys-usb disables usb keyboard and mouse

Hello, I have a problem that when sys-usb cube is started, it disables my usb keyboard and mouse. I tried to find something about it, but without success. I can write an encryption password, but then I can’t log in or use keyboard and mouse. I am able to get into pc by writing qubes.skip_autostart into grub loader.

Possible solution
I found that I need to give access sys-usb to be able to pass my keyboard and mouse to dom0, but I don’t know how to do it.

May you please help me? Thank you.

Do you have a PS2 keyboard? That may help you as it doesn’t go through sys-usb. But I don’t have much experience with that.

Related docs:

No, I have USB keyboard. But thanks for reply.

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It’s a good investment, if your motherboard supports it. You may even have a PS2 keyboard laying around from an old computer

Yea, but is there some option to enable USB keyboard (also mouse). I have an excellent USB keyboard.

Read the docs :wink: I’m guessing there is :slight_smile:

I did, there are written some things as add sys-usb dom0 allow but that helped only to pass encryption password.

I did not do it. I recall someone writing about using Qubes Rescue from the USB key to get around problem.

After awhile, he said it was not worth all the trouble;

All right, then I will delete sys-usb cube, but then I can’t use my camera on notebook. Or can I without using sys-usb?

Another thing to investigate: Nitro PC has a PC which has USB for Keyboard and mouse, at least the photo shows that. Nitrokey might have created a patch for this issue.

Qubes recognizes that USB is inherently insecure.

There was a funny story some years back. A woman who wrote about computers ordered a USB keyboard. The Keyboard was Delayed in transit. The keyboard originated on the west coast (USA.) Shipping showed Keyboard went to someplace in Virginia. Where it stayed for several days, and then shipped back to its new owner on the west Coast.

Nah, couldn’t be.

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I am not sure which question you want an answer for.
Question one: Seemed you wanted to attach USB Keyboard and mouse to control the computer. I thought you were talking about a PC, not a notebook. Or trying to control a laptop with USB Mouse/USB keyboard.
Question two: You want to attach a camera to one Qube through the USB.

Obviously I am out of league.

Oh, sorry, I have a notebook.

I would like to use sys-usb for two reasons:

  1. security
  2. I saw there is my camera on notebook. While sys-usb is shutdown, there isn’t a camera.

And my problem is that it disables my keyboard and mouse.

You do not need to do this - the issue is explicitly covered in the
Please read that carefully - if anything is not clear, or you do not
understand, then make sure you do buy asking here.
You have a standard set up - whether notebook or desktop makes no
difference - and many people have it.