sys-net/USB with yubikey

hi what if during installation the sys-net was configurated to manage sys-usb, too?

how can than a sys-yk generated to use a yubikey?

is it possible to generate a sys-usb like for a keyboard or mice and use this one for the yubikey?

I think it should be possible to have two or more USB VMs (sys-net and sys-usb in your case) if you have enough USB controllers for them.

If at first boot you decided to create a joint qube for net and usb, that qube is most likely attached to both controllers. If you have more than one usb controller, you can detach one from sys-net/usb and attach it to sys-yk. Otherwise you will need to split the joint qube and make separate sys-usb and sys-net qubes.

See here (“how to create a usb qube” paragraph):

I think I saw a documentation page about the join sys-net-usb some time ago. If I find it I’ll link it here.

yes I think there are two USB controller because of USB 3 and 2 perhaps this works

It’s an easy find with:

[user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-pci | grep USB

Or check which controllers are assigned to your sys-net-usb (I don’t know the exact name, so make sure to use the right one):

[user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-pci list sys-net-usb

nice I found three USB controller, but none of them is atteched to sys-net

I believe that they are two different controller because the second one has the same name and PCI number. it seems to me that there is every USB port with it’s PCI controller sgiwn

also sys-usb does not exist and nothing is atteched to it.

so now I am going to generate a new sys-usb VM and than I will attach one controller