Sys Net / Sys Firewall / Persistence

We create different Qubes for certain reasons, sure.

The biggest head wrap-around for me is we’re creating these Qubes and let’s say we would like to be safe and secure whilst never sharing our real IP ever in a particular Qube. how does Sys net / Sys Firewall help that in any shape or form? I get the whole “it is its own computer” however…

When performing IP Checks , Fingerprint Checks etc, Leak Tests, Its showing my real IP. I obviously want to do clearnet activities but hide my identity in every shape or form for whatever said task.

Tor is a No Go obviously for persistence / Clearnet work we all know why (Forbidden codes plus changing IPs constantly) It isn’t for that purpose…

I guess the real question is creating persistent Qubes with its own IP address that isn’t mine whilst again being anonymous for certain tasks and ticks boxes for leakage /Real Ever IP being revealed in that particular Qube / Computer.

Would it be creating singular VPNs for each particular Qube? If there are any highly recommended VPNs that you all suggest or any blogs / posts I can read into I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

If you want to prevent a qube to know your public internet IP, you should either forbid it any networking or use a VPN as its NetVM + a killswitch that will prevent any network traffic outside the VPN.

You may want to have as many vpn qubes as you have qubes that should have different public IPs, this is so because a single VPN qube will provide the same VPN exit node / IP to all the qubes using it.

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If it’s forbidden any network, that means it won’t connect to the internet , correct ?


If you prefer to not use the network at all, you should better assign no NetVM, the qube won’t have any network interface :+1:

But if you blocked all network, this also works.

I’m not sure how this helps my situation with anonymity on the clearnet. Could you rephrase please? Appreciate your help

If a qube doesn’t have networking (being either blocked by firewall or have networking disabled entirely), there won’t be anything from it on the clearnet, ever.