Sys-net & Sys-Firewall not installed R4.2.1

OS operates flawless with a few exception. Ill list hardware first

Lenovo Slim 7 Pro X (82V2)
Ryzen 7 6800HS

BiOs: JVCN35Www
Kernel: 6.6.21-1

Secure Boot Disabled
XEN: Unknown
HVM: yes
I/M MMU: Yes
TPM Version: 2.0 (Not supported yet)
USB KEYBOARD: secure policy
PV CUBES: 0 found

Outside of the issues below the system runs very well. Crisp and clean.

Issue 1: Upon install, there are no sys-net or sys network templates. Only 4 templates were installed.


Also despite clicking - upon configuration when installing, it did not install default work, personal vault etc AppVMs

Issue 2 : when i attempt to start or change any setting of the actuallly installed templates, the System reboots immediately, allowing me to log back in just fine.

Doesnt seem to have any network access either. No networking options listed on system tray or file directory

Any help or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated

Try to install Qubes OS 4.2.2-rc1 with kernel-latest option.
There is a separate GRUB menu entry to install Qubes OS with latest kernel:

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Installing now. Thank you for the quick response.

Will keep you updated.

Unfortunately no luck. After configurations, booted up just fine. No network templates and also still
rebooting when starting any of the templates that actually did install

Did you enable AMD-V with RVI and AMD-Vi (also known as AMD IOMMU) in BIOS?
Run this command in dom0:

journalctl -f -n0

Then try to start one of the template and check the command output to see the errors.

Had to prepare myself for a quick snap since the sys reboots fairly quickly

These are all the VMs installed. Missing quite a few for a fresh install

Oh and yes, AMD V ™ in Bios is enabled.

Is it the latest BIOS version?
If not then try to update BIOS.

I guess it’s an issue with either Xen or dom0 kernel, but without crash log I’m not sure what else can you try.
To get the crash log you’ll need the serial port, but since your laptop doesn’t have one then you can try to use this instead:

Also the same issue with your laptop model:

So it’s not some hardware issue with only your laptop but for this laptop model in general.

There was a similar issue but it’s fixed already:

Maybe your issue is somehow related.

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I want to thank you apparatus for taking the time to work on my inquiry.

I am happy to say that after reinstalling the latest version of Qubes as you had originally suggested…worked and Im a fully running Qubes on my device.

Im excited to be apart of this community and looking forward to continuing my education.