Sys-net stopped working but sys-vpn still does

Suddenly all my VMs connected to sys-firewall have stopped getting any internet, I tried pinging from sys-net and sys-firewall but it didn’t work, I searched for an answer and it seems it must be a DNS problem, changing the nameserver to in /etc/resolv.conf lets me ping from terminal but VMs connected to this networks still don’t get internet, I’m very confused because I do have a sys-vpn that connects to sys-firewall and all VMs connected to that vpn get internet just fine, what could be the problem? I am using an ethernet connection and my pc does not get wifi

You don’t say if you have installed any updates in your Qubes system or
in the infrastructure.
The VPN is working because it gets DNS from the tunnel, not from
Check /etc/resolv.conf in sys-net after restarting that qube - it should
contain the DNS servers set on your network. If not, fix that problem.
If connections from sys-firewall do not work, then look at the firewall
rules on sys-net, particularly in the nat table. You should see rules
with DNAT to the name servers used in sys-net.

If you need help with this, report back on what you have found, and we
can take it to the next stage.