Sys-net irreversibly broken upon suspend

Brand new user, tinkering with Qubes for the first time as of the past few days. Honestly less complicated than I expected! My only gripe is, every time I suspend, sys-net will crash and never work again until I reboot. Starting it again will show “disconnected” where all the networks should be, and attempting a manual connection will never finish. I’ve seen a few issues similar to this, but my case seems unique. It happens every time opposed to inconsistency. Any loop of killing/restarting sys-net will leave it still broken. Restarting NetworkManager does nothing. One interesting I found was trying to modprobe rtw88_8723de (my wifi module) would close the terminal window and crash sys-net. I could just disable sleep, but I like battery life, and besides… that’s the quitter solution :stuck_out_tongue: More than willing to post more info or try any suggestions!

Possibly Pertinent Pages I found which provided no solutions:

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