Sys-net EDD


hvm please

ADVANCED tab → Virtualization: HVM & Kernel: default or none

do I get to the advanced tab through the qube manager?

yes, Qubes Setting of that sys-net qubes

Also my sys-net and sys-firewall are connected and status is green but I have no internet access

should I change kernel to none?

Nah you don’t need to cahnge it to none, but in the DEVICE tab select both ethernet and Network controllers to the selected area one at a time if you don’t careful enough. Then hit OK and restart the qube.

okay, I will try that again I tried it recently and it didnt work

In the ADVANCED tab, Memory/CPU must have no memory balancing and the initial memory shall be at 400MB and in the OTHER: Provide network with a check in the box. In the BASIC tab, Settings: start qube automatically on boot check in the box also.

After that, restart the whole entire OS to see any workages for the qubes.

In the BASIC tab, Setting: Net qubes shall be none also.

okay thankyou I will do everything you told me and come back to update you

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I havent restarted yet but I checked everything you said and everything looks right. my template is set at fedora-34 and my net qube is none eith both having caution symbols next to them. in my devices I have both my network and ethernet in there. anything else you could recommend to fixing the problem before I restart? as the restart process takes a little time

in basic tab it also says, private max storage size 2.0 gb

Does it still works?

in applications it says this, im not sure if this is a problem

Don’t be concern about the applications. Also, are you using BSD?

Admins, false alarm for the report. I may have a solution.