Sys-net driver configuration

Does anyone know how one would go about configuring drivers for the sys-net qube? Specifically looking to use an ALFA adapter with an ac1200 or ac1900 chipset.

Forgive me if the question sounded stupid. I have no idea what I’m doing.

I guess the ac1200 and ac1900 aren’t the chipsets, but I guess yall can gather what I’m asking.

Like many questions, this isn’t Qubes specific.
Look to see how you would configure the drivers in a Debian or Fedora
system. Then translate that knowledge in to Qubes terms.

So, if you need drivers installed and configured, it’s likely that you
will need to do this in the template that sys-net is using.
If you need a specific kernel, or kernel parameters, then you may have to
configure the sys-net qube to use a native kernel, and adjust the kernel
boot parameters.
These things are documented.

Once you know what you need to do, if you need help doing it in Qubes,
ask again, explaining the specific problem.

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Thank you. I was kind of assuming that assumption so I guess I just need to test out some things and be more direct with any problems I encounter. I’ll definitely be sure to come back with a more specific issue should any problems arise. Thank you again.

I think you can get away with installing the realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms
drivers using apt install for the ac1200 - see how you get on with that.
Otherwise the aircrack-ng driver is pretty good, and should also work.
On Debian, I might try a Bullseye template, rather than the stock