Sys-net cube is missing

My sys-net qube is missing ive been trying to setup wifi but because it doesnt exist i am unable to install packages or run update commands is there anyway i can create a new sys net cube that recognizes my ethernet connection

try this in dom0

sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.sys-net

maybe sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.sys-firewall will be required too

no matching sls found for qvm sis-net in env base virtual machine does not exist skipping to previous failure

Im just going to install windows at a library since net doesnt even work

no matching sls found for qvm sis-net in env base virtual machine does not exist skipping to previous failure

Looks like you typo’ed @solene 's suggestion. It’s sys-net, not sis-net. Try again without the typo.

Just realized i misstyped heres the other one

Can you show the logs from qubesd?

sudo journalctl -u qubesd --no-pager

Im just going to install windows kinda realized just how overkill this is for an every day use case i do apologize but this hasnt been user friendly for me my friend suggested it as a secure os to use but idk what im doing every time i run into a problem i have to go onto this thread and look up how to do this if this and its just to much i really do appreciate the support i may end up switching to ubuntu instead or windows as its far more user friendly

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I’m curious to know how you ended up without a sys-net VM. You should have tried reinstalling if it was a fresh install. And make sure the installation media wasn’t defective.

Have fun with Windows though.

Well its really weird i did the normal install with the iso from the guide and i had no qubes at all so atm my pc is bricked until i can get a friend to setup an iso flash drive with either new qubes or windows or ubuntu
Btw before i proceeded with the install it did say that my device was incompatible and only power users should proceed

I’m not sure how Qubes OS behave if your computer is missing some CPU instructions required to run the VMs, but I suppose it wouldn’t create any VM…

What’s your computer CPU?

It is an amd ryzen 7 2700
Sorry for the delayed reply was trying to find someone that would let me borrow there laptop but sadly i got noone so im stuck with no wifi im hoping theres maybe a work around we can do to fix this otherwise im stuck with an os that doesnt work

Do you have AMD-Vi and AMD-V enabled? It could explain why you don’t have any VM on your system and why you got that “incompatible” message in the installer.

The CPU is compatible, but the required features may be disabled. As @DVM said, look for something like AMD-Vi or AMD-V in the BIOS/firmware setup. If it’s disabled, enable it.

I have no idea if a reinstallation of Qubes OS is required in this case, if you can reinstall, this would be just better to ensure everything is fine.

I will close the ticket i gave up trying to fix it im currently on windows 11

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