Sys-net crossover

Hi I want to set up a sys-net template to crossover it to another PC.

I am going to use a qube (self not included in the backup) for backups let’s call it dom1. dom1 has no network connection. And I don’t want to use a external drive or something.

So what do I have to do for example to set up a sys-net crossover template with no Internet connection just to use the rj-45 from qube to PC.

This is total new for me I have never done this before. Can anyone tell me else what to do on the PC (Ubuntu)



I wrote a guide explaining how to connect two Qubes OS to each other with an ethernet cable to exchange backups



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Thanks I will after I tried it

Can anyone tell me if the Lenovo x230 is Auto detecting a crossover connection or do I have to use a special calbe

Standard cable worked for me - ymmv

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Auto detect crossover…? Like, with a standard non crossed ethernet cable? I didn’t know that was a thing :exploding_head:

ethernet card have been able to invert rx/tx for a decade, so no need to care about crossover cables or not anymore

A whole decade huh :skull: I’m really behind lol but good to hear they fixed that